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Anal Lube

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For those times when a little lube smooth the play time with your toy or sexual activity with your intimate partner.

  • Usage:
  • Ideal for intimate activities between couples
  • Perfect for lubricating intimate parts or adult items
  • Can be used as massage oil
  • Easy to wash up, just use water
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RM45.00 RM30.00
  • Black Monogatari Anal Lubricant By Silk Touch
  • 100% Condom Compatible
  • Water-Based Lubricant
  • Crystal Clear Transparent
  • Moisture,Non-Fat Fitted PH Value
  • Easily Soluble In Water And Easy To Clean
  • Odorless,No Flavor,No Flavor No Coloring
  • 200ml Per Bottle
  • Made In China
In stock
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