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Edible Lube

RM15.50 RM9.90
  • Oral Sex Blow Job Popping Candy (Gula-gula Blow job)
  • Can be used for kissing, oral sex to create excitement 
  • 10 Sachet Hot Feel, 10 Sachet Ice Feel
  • 20 Sachets Per Box
  • Candy Flavour (Random Post)
  • Made In China


In stock

RM55.00 RM35.00
  • Cokelife Jam Lubricant
  • Fresh Fruit Lube Special For Oral Sex
  • Safe For Use With Condom
  • Will Not Harm Latex Materials
  • Sugar Free / Glycerin Free
  • Non-Staining
  • Water-Based Lubricant
  • 100g Per Tube
  • Flavour Not Fix (Random Post)
  • Made In USA 
In stock
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