Mini Love Orgasmic Gel 20ml

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MINILOVE Women Orgasmic Gel is specially designed for women who seek to heighten their sexual experience. 

Using nano plant extraction technology and small molecules of water formula, it effectively improves the female

sexual feeling and orgasm pleasure!

Key Features
• Heightens clitoral and vaginal sensitivity

• Water soluble & washable

• Safe for use with condoms

How to use:

1.It is recommended to use 5 minutes before sex intercourse. Apply proper amount of the product on the clitoris and female private parts. In the course of obvious sex, it can then take appropriate smear. Vary from different person.

 2.After apply to women’s private parts, massage with finger pulp looped way, promote their complete absorption, after a few minutes will be good.

3.Please tighten the CAP after use, save kept in dry place away from light.

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