Minilove Orgasmic Silkily Gel For Women 10ml

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  • Female private parts antibacterial sterilization, health care.
  • Improve sexual desire and improve female sexual experience.
  • The product's ingredients are from natural plant extracts, without any harm to the body, no dependence
  • Antibacterial inhibit the process of generation to variouse kinds of bacteria
  • Arouse sexual desire stimulate body desire faster ,bring continual passion
  • Portable and easy carry
  • To help women orgasm quickly to achieve high quality sex couples to use
  • 100% Natural refined by pure natural herbal by scientific method ,no side effects

The products suit for the normal and to eliminate sex coldness and bitter woman, between husband and wife for flirting for high quality of life. One minute after spraying the product is excited, hot itching, increased fluid secretion.

This product can stimulate female sexuality effectively and prolong orgasm time contraction, vaginal lubrication arm, sterilization and disinfection of vaginal lubrication of the vagina, palace warming and activating blood circulation, stimulate the wall of the vagina, clitoris, vagina sensitivity enhancement, promoting sexual excitement besmear medicine 10 minutes after the massage gently for a while that produce strong passion, make the normal women every time sexual intercourse can reach more than three times the orgasm, can achieve satisfactory effect. Sterilization and disinfection of vaginal lubrication of the vagina, and can obtain multiple orgasms in a sex. The highest state of enjoyment of life!

Functions: Apply on the clitoris and vagina, it evokes sexual desire within 10 seconds and brings tingling pleasures as well as increase genital sensitivy. Advisable to apply 5 minutes before intercourse, 1-2 drops will do.

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