Japan Sexuality Hot Gel 10g Dada Wet Enhance Sex Arousal Gel For Womens

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  • Japan Sexuality Hot Gel Dada Wet Enhance Sex Arousal Gel For Womens
  • Increase Womens Sex Love Feeling, Make it more Horny
  • Experience Climax, More Enjoy More Horny for your partner
  • Natural, Mild and Not Irritating
  • Water Based, Easy Clean
  • Before Make Love,take some gel apply on Women Clitoris/Body&Nipple and massage 2-5 minute,After That Can Start Enjoy Sex Love
  • Made In Japan


Wet Wet Warning! !! Have a superb and dense love time "more than usual" with a quick coat!

New release of W Pleasure Sexuality HOT Gel that inflames the body and mind of women.

Immediately after application, the partner's "seriousness" overflows with the super-strong W support due to the warmth effect with immediate warmth and the fascinating sweet scent of ylang-ylang and citrus ingredients.
The gel is translucent and has a smooth texture that makes it lightly stringy, making it difficult to dry and suitable for long-term play.
Made in Japan with a focus on quality control, with natural ingredients that are gentle on women's skin.

【how to use】
Take an appropriate amount of gel on your fingertips and apply it while massaging it so that it gently blends into the areas of concern for women.

[Main ingredients]
Glycerin, Na hyaluronate, aloe vera leaf extract, arginine, ylang ylang flower oil, bergamot peel oil, orange peel oil, grapefruit peel oil

Package size (mm): H110 x W80 x D29
Weight: Gross weight 23g
Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 10g


・ Effects vary from person to person.
・ Should you observe any abnormalities in your body, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ This product is not a drug. It is also a product for adults.
・ All the listed products are joke goods, so please purchase and use them at your own risk.
・ We cannot answer medical questions or questions that conflict with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

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