Japan Magic Finger Skin 03 Finger Condom 6s

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Turn your fingers into magical double stimulation! The finger condom is designed to provide extra stimulation on top of your G-spot probing fingers, with a combination of small protrusions and a big protrusion. You also do not need to worry about your fingernails being too long, protecting the inside while also maintaining the pleasure.

This Magic Finger Skin excels in texture, catering to the pleasure of one’s love tunnel. The small protrusions provide users with friction that massages the inside, invoking excitement; while the large protrusion pinpoints the sweet spot that doubles the pleasure.

Finger condoms protect the vaginal canal from accidental scratches, in case the fingernails are not cut properly or not short enough. With the stimulation design added on top of the condom, it has transformed the condom from mere vaginal protection to protection with pleasure.

Product Characteristics:
- Small protrusions for frictional pleasure
- Big protrusion for extra G-spot pleasure

- Dimensions: L - 100mm; W - 18mm; D - 18mm
- Weight: 2g
Originated from Japan

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